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First Look: Sex, Drugs and Radical Self Expression

I am not a regular reader of self-help books, and Barry Williame Magliarditi's Sex, Drugs, and Radical Self Expression is not going to convert me over to the genre.

"At various points in my life, I’ve used drugs to achieve certain outcomes. And for me, a lot of those experiences were defining moments"

From the Publisher:

Your path to unparalleled personal fulfillment begins here. No matter how badly you’re hurting, no matter how badly you think you’ve screwed up your life…

Let me help you turn it around.

When I was eighteen, I was an absolute mess. Every area of my life was circling the drain. Drug use, petty crime, depression…I felt completely worthless and alone.

If I can grow from there to where I am now—living my dream life in Bali, owning multimillion-dollar companies, spending my days surfing, working when I want, feeling amazing and blessed every day—then you can too.

The truth is that a fulfilling and rich life (in every sense) begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

Years ago, I started healing that relationship, connecting with my heart, and learning to be guided by my intuition. With each practice, my happiness and success expanded.

In this book, I share how I did it. I invite you to come along for the journey.

My First Impression:

I am sure that some readers will enjoy this book, and maybe they'll even find it helpful, but I am not one of those readers. Several aspects that I dislike about the self-help genre exist in Sex, Drugs, and Radical Self Expression and the author does nothing to make his book stand out amongst the crowd. I was also uninterested in the various drug experiences described in the book. I'm convinced that they're only included to somehow validate the author's shallow insights into life, but they fail in that regard as well. Overall, I was not impressed by this book and wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for life advice.

Sex, Drugs, and Radical Self Expression was published in December 2021. You can purchase your copy at a locally owned bookseller or at is an alternative to Amazon with a mission to financially support independent book stores.

Corey D. Evans received an advance excerpt of this book and was not financially compensated for his review. All quotes are from an unedited advance reader copy of the book and may differ from what will appear in final printed editions.

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