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Who is Sir Robert Anderson?

Leading up to the release of The Silence of God Updated for the 21st Century Reader I will be publishing a short series on the author, Sir Robert Anderson. These blogs will look at the man's career, faith and influence, with the hope of rekindling interest in one of the more interesting Victorian era theologians.

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The Silence of God: Updated for the 21st Century Reader is set to be released in June 2020. Originally published in 1897, The Silence of God attempted to answer the biggest questions that faced Christianity in the 19th century, and continue to challenge the faith today. The original edition is biting in its content but written in superfluous prose that was typical of the literature of its day. For this and other reasons, The Silence of God can be tedious or difficult for today's reader. The updated version communicates Sir Robert Anderson's thoughts in a contemporary style without watering down or omitting a single argument.

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