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The Silence of God

Updated for the 21st Century Reader
Out Now!
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My Story

Corey D. Evans is an independent preacher and missionary serving in Northern New Mexico. He and his wife work to meet the spiritual and physical needs of other families in their area.

Corey has a degree in Exercise Science from Southwest Baptist University and worked as a high school strength and conditioning coach before becoming a full-time missionary. He has published numerous articles in various health and fitness blogs, as well as regularly contributed to a wellness column in a Mexican newspaper. 

Writing in some capacity has been a constant throughout all of Corey's professional endeavors. Updating The Silence of God for the 21st-century reader is his first theological work.

My Books

The Silence of God

Updated for the 21st Century Reader by Corey D. Evans

My Books

"Mr. Corey Evans engaged in a formidable task. He took a difficult read and updated it for the 21 st Century reader, giving today’s reader the chance to weigh the evidence of Anderson’s

assumption once again."

-Roger Feenstra

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